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https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/plain/COPYING a b Torvalds, Linus. "COPYING". kernel.org. Retrieved 13 August 2013Also note that the only valid version of the GPL as far as the kernel is concerned is _this_ particular version of the license (ie v2, not v2.2 or v3.x or whatever), unless explicitly otherwise stated https://mirrors.edge.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/Historic/old-versions/RELNOTES-0.01 a b Linus Torvalds (2000-09-08). "Linux-2.4.0-test8". lkml.iu.edu. Retrieved 2015-11-21The only one of any note that I'd like to point out directly is the clarification in the COPYING file, making it clear that it's only _that_particular version of the GPL that is valid for the kernel. This should not come as any surprise, as that's the same license that has been there since 0.12 or so, but I thought I'd make that explicit


Open Design Circuits • Copyright © 1998 Reinoud Lamberts, all rights reserved. » http://circu.its.tudelft.nl/ 

EFF: Torvalds, Stallman, Simons Win 1998 Pioneer Awards • http://w2.eff.org/awards/pioneer/1998.php » (Archived from the original) » https://www.eff.org/nl/pioneer/past-winners


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Quick Reference For Choosing a Free Software License written in 2001 and 2002 by Zooko;

The History of the GNU General Public License • page created by Li-Cheng (Andy) Tai, atai@atai.org,  July 4, 2001 • https://www.free-soft.org/gpl_history/


Make Your Open Source Software GPL-Compatible. Or Else. by David A. Wheeler Released 2002-05-06, revised 2014-02-16 https://dwheeler.com/essays/gpl-compatible.html  Maak Uw Open Source Software GPL-Compatibel. Of Anders. | Essays by David A. Wheeler | Wiki | Digitale overheid | Cyberspace & Cybercrime | Cybersecuritygap.com https://cybersecuritygap.com/digitale-overheid/wiki/dwheeler-com/essays/gpl-compatible/

Quick Reference For Choosing a Free Software License by Zooko O'Whielacronx Last modified: Tue Jun 25 00:40:59 ADT 2002 http://zooko.com/license_quick_ref.html

MinBZK.nl - Project Kiezen op Afstand gaat verder » http://www.minbzk.nl/persoonsgegevens_en/kiezen_op_afstand/persberichten/project_kiezen_op · 2002/06/25

MinBZK.nl - Kabinet maakt weg vrij voor experimenten Kiezen op Afstand » http://www.minbzk.nl/persoonsgegevens_en/kiezen_op_afstand/persberichten/kabinet_maakt_weg · 2002/11/05


Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox: Open Letter to the European Parliament » https://effi.org/patentit/patents_torvalds_cox.html · 2003/09/21

Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox: Please say no for software patents » http://www.effi.org/julkaisut/tiedotteet/pressrelease-2003-09-22.html · 2003/09/22

The GPL Is a License, not a Contract [LWN.net] December 3, 2003 By Pamela Jones, Editor of Groklaw https://lwn.net/Articles/61292/

Valimaki, M.: Dual Licensing in Open Source Software Industry. Systemes d’Information et Management 8(1), 63–75 (2003) MathSciNet Google Scholar [PDF] psu.edu This article was published in Systemes d´Information et Management, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 63-75, 2003 Dual Licensing in Open Source Software Industry. The author wishes to thank Michael Olsen of Sleepycat Software Inc., Tonje Sund of TrollTech AS and Mårten Mickos of MySQL AB for kindly providing information on their companies and the participants of Free Software Business mailing list fsb@crynwr.com for fruitful email exchange discussing an earlier version of this paper. http://old.hiit.fi/files/admin/sab/SAB04/material/DE/30_Valimaki%20-%20dual_licensing.pdf

OPUS 4 | Open source as a signalling device : an economic analysis http://publikationen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/frontdoor/index/index/docId/3671


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MySQL Licensing Policy » http://www.mysql.com/company/legal/licensing/ · Version 4.1, 12 March 2004

MySQL Open Source License » http://www.mysql.com/company/legal/licensing/opensource-license.html · Version 4.1, 12 March 2004 » Our software is 100% GPL (General Public License); if yours is 100% GPL compliant, then you have no obligation to pay us for the licenses. This is a great opportunity for the open source community and those of you who are developing open source software. The formal terms of the GPL license can be found in the GNU General Public License section of the MySQL Reference Manual. Please note that the General Public License can be restrictive, so if it doesn't meet your needs, you are better served by our Commercial License

  • FOSS Exception. We have created a license exception which enables Free and Open Source software ("FOSS") to be able to include the GPL-licensed MySQL client libraries despite the fact that not all open source licenses are compatible with the GPL.Read more about the exception.

MySQL Manual | G GNU General Public License » http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/GPL_license.html · © 1995-2004 MySQL AB. All rights reserved.

MySQL Commercial License » http://www.mysql.com/company/legal/licensing/commercial-license.html · Version 4.1, 12 March 2004

MinBZK.nl - Experimenten bij verkiezing leden van het Europees Parlement » http://www.minbzk.nl/grondwet_en/verkiezingen/inspringthema_s/kiezen_op_afstand/persberichten/experimenten_bij · 2004/06/17

Ososs - Programma Open Standaarden en Open Source Software voor de overheid » http://www.ososs.nl/article.jsp?article=9698 · 2004/06/21

Stemdienst kiezen op afstand openbaar - Os OSS (VAN OVERHEID TOT FINANCIEN) » http://www.ososs.nl/stemdienst-kiezen-op-afstand-openbaar/ 2004 · Software van de stemdienst Kiezen op Afstand nu open source » Het ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties (BZK) heeft van 1 tot en met 10 juni 2004 een experiment gehouden waarbij kiezers vanuit het buitenland per internet en telefoon konden stemmen voor de verkiezing van de leden van het Europees Parlement (meer informatie over over dit experiment vindt u in dit artikel). Voor dit experiment heeft het ministerie van BZK door LogicaCMG een stemdienst laten ontwikkelen en daarbij het intellectueel eigendom verworven van alle specifiek voor deze stemdienst ontwikkelde programmatuurDe programmatuur wordt nu dus aangeboden onder de GPLDat betekent dat iedereen die dat wil deze software kan downloaden, bekijken en gebruiken. Bij de keuze voor het open source maken van deze stemsoftware was het belangrijkste argument 'transparantie'. Een overheid die burgers een nieuwe faciliteit biedt om te stemmen, kan door openheid van zaken te geven over de werking van de software het gebruik daarvan wellicht stimuleren. Burgers zelf – of belangenorganisaties – kunnen zo controleren of de software echt datgene doet wat het zou moeten doen. Ook is het de bedoeling dat toekomstige ontwikkelingen aan deze software - die met overheidsgeld is gemaakt - beschikbaar blijven voor de overheid en andere belanghebbenden » url · https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_relicensing ...

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Rethinking the European ICT Agenda, Report for The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (Aug. 2004), //available at //http://www.ez.nl/dsresource?objectid=62435&type=PDF ……………35n


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  • VI. NOTABLE ANALYSES HAVE NOTED THE RISKS POSED BY SOFTWARE PATENTS. Experts from around the globe repeatedly have concluded that software patents are not good for progress, innovation, or the economy:


  • Report for The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs: “There are particular threats to the European ICT industry such as the current discussion on the patent on software. The mild regime of IP protection in the past has led to a very innovative and competitive software industry with low entry barriers. A software patent, which serves to protect inventions of a non-technical nature, could kill the high innovation rate.”46


Software patents -- keep protesting - Tue, 23 Nov 2004  http://www.dwheeler.com/blog/2004/11/23/ David A. Wheeler's Blog - Linus Torvalds (lead developer of the Linux kernel), Michael Widenius (lead for MySQL) and Rasmus Lerdorf (lead for PHP) have written an appeal to the EU Council against software patents in Europe. http://nosoftwarepatents.com/en/m/intro/app0411.html Appeal to the EU Council by Linus Torvalds, Michael Widenius and Rasmus Lerdorf 23 November 2004 Appeal to EU Council by Linus Torvalds, Michael Widenius, Rasmus Lerdorf >> joint statement >> press release European Open-Source Luminaries Appeal to EU Council Against Software Patents European nationals who created Linux, MySQL and PHP issue joint statement on www.NoSoftwarePatents.com ahead of EU Council meeting – "The proposed software patent directive is deceptive, dangerous, and democratically illegitimate" Munich, Germany (23 November 2004). The three most famous European authors of open-source software have issued an appeal against software patents on NoSoftwarePatents.com. Linus Torvalds (Linux), Michael Widenius (MySQL) and Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP) urge the EU Council, which will convene later in the week, not to adopt a draft directive on software patents that they consider "deceptive, dangerous, and democratically illegitimate". They also call on the Internet community to express solidarity by placing NoSoftwarePatents.com links and banners on many Web sites.

Appeal to the Council by Linus Torvalds, Michael Widenius🇳🇱 and Rasmus Lerdof | No Software Patents! » http://www.nosoftwarepatents.com/en/m/intro/app0411.html · 2004/11/23

The UK Stake in the European Patent Crisis - Freedom Now » http://emoglen.law.columbia.edu/blog/columns/lu/lu-45.html · 2004/11/24


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    LKML: Linus Torvalds: Re: GPL V3 and Linux - Dead Copyright Holders Fri, 27 Jan 2006 20:33:04 -0500 (EST) from Linus Torvalds <>On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Marc Perkel wrote: https://lkml.org/lkml/2006/1/27/339 

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    Monty says: Press release concerning Oracle/Sun | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 🇳🇱» 2009/10/19 » http://monty-says.blogspot.com/2009/10/press-release-concerning-oraclesun.html 🇪🇺» MYSQL FOUNDER OUTLINES SOLUTION: INSTEAD OF LETTING SUN SUFFER, ORACLE SHOULD SELL MYSQL (ORCL, JAVA) • Michael 'Monty' Widenius says European Commission is "absolutely right to be concerned" about proposed merger between Oracle Corporation [ORCL] and Sun Microsystems [JAVA], nominates award-winning EU strategist to support the proceeding. •  Tuusula, Finland, 19 October 2009 -- 🇳🇱Michael 'Monty' Widenius, the creator of open source database MySQL and founder of the namesake company later acquired by Sun, today suggested Oracle should resolve antitrust concerns over its US$7.4 billion acquisition of Sun by committing to sell MySQL to a suitable third party. The proposed takeover has not yet been consummated because it is being investigated in depth by the European Commission as well as competition authorities in several other jurisdictions.

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    • Bradley mentioned Monty's blog post about the licensing of MySQL (01:10) 🇳🇱
    • Bradley pointed out that “dual licensing” is a misleading term for a proprietary relicensing business model, as discussed on the Your Questions podcast. (02:33)
    • Bradley mentioned that he'd been making money as an independent consultant, which he wrote about in 2001 during the original Microsoft attacks on the GPL. (04:42)
    • Bradley mentioned Cygnus Solutions as a good model of a Free Software, GPL-based company. (06:54)
    • Bradley also mentioned Codesourcery as another example of a good GPL-based company (13:24)
    • Bradley mentioned Dave Neary's talk at OSCON, Does Working with Free Software Have to Be So Hard? (23:52)


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    Interview with John W. Eaton of GNU Octave

    by Joshua Gay — published Aug 31, 2012 — last modified Feb 14, 2018 04:50 PM — filed under: GPL-interview

    This is the first in a series of interviews the FSF's Licensing and Compliance team is doing with maintainers of free software projects who choose GNU licenses for their work.

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